No small feat: Michelle Obama out-tackies herself

I’m not interested at this time in going into specific back-detail showing precisely how Michelle Obama is an angry, ugly, resentful, America-hating, Marie Antoinette-wannabe-fashion-disaster-hypocrite who baptized her children into the hate of Black Liberation Theology.  You should know aaaaaaallllll of this already, with reaffirmations of her hypocrisy, insensitivity, and ugliness arising daily.  No, she is NOT the personification of Cool Class that your $1.99 Style magazine struggles to have you believe.  For the sake of sales, American media loves to create celebrity out of almost-literal shit.   But how kind of these magazines to repeatedly airbrush a good six inches off her butt at every sitting.  I’m jel.  Anyway,  the enormous chip on her shoulder compels her to be an ugly person inside and out.  Below is a perfect example of her crass ugliness shining through….Michelle chit chats on her cell phone at the 9/11 tribute in Shanksville, PA.  I love that Laura Bush is in this shot too, making the tacky disrespect even more poignant.   Say what you want about her husband, Laura Bush was a wonderful First Lady.  She has an innate grace, kindness, humbleness, and tact that I often envy in women because these are traits that I wouldn’t use to describe myself.  At all.  But I’m not a First Lady, and these traits are must-have, non-negotiable when in that role.  Michelle Obama is the antithesis of these qualities.  Again, if you can’t yourself recite a laundry list of specific examples of why I say what I do about Mooshell, then you haven’t been paying attention and need to do your homework.  Alas, I bring you today’s installment of “Class vs. Crass” (a term I respectfully borrow from Hillbuzz, a group of gay Chicago bloggers who have Michelle’s number on all things, including her horrible “fashion” choices):

In Michelle’s defense, she’s not an actress, so it cannot be easy for her to pretend to care.   By the way, if you did not hear Laura Bush’s speech at this tribute, check it out.  It was one of the best 9/11 memorial speeches I’ve heard in awhile.  Sorry, I’m in a rush and don’t have time to find it right now.  I did not hear Michelle’s speech because I have no interest in her pandering.  I KNOW HOW SHE REALLY FEELS. Shame on you if you don’t.

Bonus link:  I read this yesterday and thought the accompanying pictures were the best.  Related: The War on Judgment


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One response to “No small feat: Michelle Obama out-tackies herself

  1. jason

    probably calling the school cafeteria to make sure no cheeseburgers are being served…..disrespectful, tasteless, classless, typical self centered liberal: always thinking the world revolves around them and to hell with everyone else

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