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Crazy nice: Home Depot founder rips Barry a new “O”

From Hotair:

Home Depot founder rips Obama WH as “tenured” academics, apologizes for creating jobs

posted at 4:12 pm on September 17, 2010 by Ed Morrissey
No one in the White House knows how to create jobs, and Bernie Marcus knows why. On CNBC, the founder of Home Depot blasted Barack Obama and his administration as a collection of tenured dilettantes who have never had to meet a payroll in their lives. Greg Hengler offers a couple of juicy excerpts from his appearance, especially when Marcus starts “apologizing” for having created over 300,000 jobs through the kind of entrepeneurship that the current White House wants to discourage:

Lest one think that all Marcus does is complain, he offers a suggestion to Obama to get in touch with the common folk (via RightNetwork):

Admit it — this makes you more inclined to start a new, do-it-yourself home improvement project, doesn’t it?


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Typical Dems: We were for ObamaCare before we were against

This is hilarious, in a sad, sickening, Sweeney Todd kinda way.  Democratic candidates are spending three times more advertising against the health reform law than they are in support of it.

No further commentary from me necessary.

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Michelle on being First Lady: “Don’t ask. It’s hell. I can’t stand it.”

French First Lady’s book outs Michelle Obama’s “Hell” Well duh.  Tell me something I don’t already know.  You can’t hate America (its history, its average person, its Constitution, and its economy) and love being its First Lady. Impossible. But who can blame her – she went from having THE CUSHIEST JOB EVAH, to this. As I said yesterday, Michelle & Barry’s disdain for America has always been obvious to me, but it will be nice when more folks take off the blinders so that we can relieve Michelle of her “hell” job in 2012.  Maybe she can go be Queen of Cuba or Venezuela.  I think she’d like that much better because the America that’s not worthy of her pride, the one full of downright mean people, isn’t going anywhere and its not going to let her rewrite its history.  She, on the other hand, is on borrowed time.  It seems obvious she know it too.

By the way, that ever-awesome picture of Michelle and Bruni above truly is the gift that keeps on giving.  So much funnier than it was yesterday.

Funny and somewhat related from Hillbuzz: Hail to the POTUS and the FLATUS

Update:  Authors stand by Michelle Obama quote.  She was sorta kidding.  Riiight.

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“Do you REALLY need that hip replacement, Grandpa?”

Obama and Rationing Czar’s Creepy ‘05 Identical Goals of Crappy Basic Health Care I love how Barry catches the crowd with the obvious liposuction example, then lets the curtain slip a little with the hip replacement comment.  Watch yourselves, people.  You might break your hip on this slippery slope…

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No small feat: Michelle Obama out-tackies herself

I’m not interested at this time in going into specific back-detail showing precisely how Michelle Obama is an angry, ugly, resentful, America-hating, Marie Antoinette-wannabe-fashion-disaster-hypocrite who baptized her children into the hate of Black Liberation Theology.  You should know aaaaaaallllll of this already, with reaffirmations of her hypocrisy, insensitivity, and ugliness arising daily.  No, she is NOT the personification of Cool Class that your $1.99 Style magazine struggles to have you believe.  For the sake of sales, American media loves to create celebrity out of almost-literal shit.   But how kind of these magazines to repeatedly airbrush a good six inches off her butt at every sitting.  I’m jel.  Anyway,  the enormous chip on her shoulder compels her to be an ugly person inside and out.  Below is a perfect example of her crass ugliness shining through….Michelle chit chats on her cell phone at the 9/11 tribute in Shanksville, PA.  I love that Laura Bush is in this shot too, making the tacky disrespect even more poignant.   Say what you want about her husband, Laura Bush was a wonderful First Lady.  She has an innate grace, kindness, humbleness, and tact that I often envy in women because these are traits that I wouldn’t use to describe myself.  At all.  But I’m not a First Lady, and these traits are must-have, non-negotiable when in that role.  Michelle Obama is the antithesis of these qualities.  Again, if you can’t yourself recite a laundry list of specific examples of why I say what I do about Mooshell, then you haven’t been paying attention and need to do your homework.  Alas, I bring you today’s installment of “Class vs. Crass” (a term I respectfully borrow from Hillbuzz, a group of gay Chicago bloggers who have Michelle’s number on all things, including her horrible “fashion” choices):

In Michelle’s defense, she’s not an actress, so it cannot be easy for her to pretend to care.   By the way, if you did not hear Laura Bush’s speech at this tribute, check it out.  It was one of the best 9/11 memorial speeches I’ve heard in awhile.  Sorry, I’m in a rush and don’t have time to find it right now.  I did not hear Michelle’s speech because I have no interest in her pandering.  I KNOW HOW SHE REALLY FEELS. Shame on you if you don’t.

Bonus link:  I read this yesterday and thought the accompanying pictures were the best.  Related: The War on Judgment

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“Imam Rauf’s Partner Faiz Khan Signed 9-11 Truth Petition”

This is not the least bit shocking.  Ground Zero is not hallowed ground, you know. C&P’d entirely from Gateway:

Breaking… Imam Rauf’s Partner Faiz Khan Signed 9-11 Truth Petition
Posted by Jim Hoft on Tuesday, September 14, 2010, 4:25 AM

Lightning Strikes Twice.

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf’s longtime partner Faiz Khan, a physician who claims to have been a first responder after the September 11 attacks, is a 9-11 Truther.

The Investigative Project on Terrorism has a complete report on Khan who is a founding member of the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth and is on the advisory board of the Muslims for 9/11 Truth.

But that’s not all…
Faiz Khan signed the 9-11 petition. This is the same crackpot petition that brought down former communist Green Czar Van Jones. They both believe the Bush Administration was behind 9-11 and signed the official 9-11 Truth Document demanding a further investigation.

The Statement:

911 Truth Statement

Respected Leaders and Families Launch 9/11 Truth Statement Demanding Deeper Investigation into the Events of 9/11

NEW YORK CITY, NY (Oct. 26, 2004) – An alliance of 100 prominent Americans and 40 family members of those killed on 9/11 today announced the release of the 911 Truth Statement, a call for immediate inquiry into evidence that suggests high-level government officials may have deliberately allowed the September 11th attacks to occur. The Statement supports an August 31st Zogby poll that found nearly 50% of New Yorkers believe the government had foreknowledge and “consciously failed to act,” with 66% wanting a new 9/11 investigation.

Focusing on twelve questions, the Statement highlights areas of incriminating evidence that were either inadequately explored or ignored by the Kean Commission, ranging from insider trading and hijacker funding to foreign government forewarnings and inactive defenses around the Pentagon. The Statement asks for four actions: an immediate investigation by New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, Congressional hearings, media analysis, and the formation of a truly independent citizens-based inquiry.

The Statement’s list of signatories includes notables spanning the political spectrum, from Presidential candidates Ralph Nader, Michael Badnarik, and David Cobb to Catherine Austin Fitts, a member of the first Bush administration, as well as Washington veterans like Pentagon whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg and retired CIA analyst Ray McGovern. Other signers range from peace activists like Code Pink president Jodie Evans and Global Exchange’s Kevin Danaher to former US Ambassador and Chief of Mission to Iraq, Edward L. Peck; from environmentalists like Randy Hayes and John Robbins to business leaders such as Paul Hawken and Karl Schwartz, CEO of Patmos Nanotechnologies; from populist journalist Ronnie Dugger to renowned investigative reporter Kelly Patricia O’Meara.

The Statement also includes 43 noted authors, including New York Times #1 bestseller John Gray, as well as 18 eminent professors, historians, and theologians. Other notables include five-term Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, singers Michelle Shocked and Michael Franti, and actors Ed Asner and Mimi Kennedy.

Faiz Khan was number 52 on the list:

And now Faiz Khan is working to build a victory mosque at Ground Zero.
This is outrageous.

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ObamaCare: don’t say you weren’t warned

The report by federal number-crunchers casts fresh doubt on Democrats’ argument that the health-care law would curb the sharp increase in costs over the long term, the second setback this week for one of the party’s biggest legislative achievements.

The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday that insurance companies have proposed rate increases ranging from 1% to 9% nationwide that they attribute specifically to new health-law coverage mandates.

What a monstrous waste.  Not only are insurance premiums going to necessarily rise, but all those Democratic promises that the law would decrease costs were, in fact, bogus.  “Yes” to increased premiums, “no” to decreased costs.  Got it.


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