Mickey Mouse is a bigot hater


Muslim employee cries discrimination for not being allowed to wear hijab on the job

One would think the ones instituting the oppression of women would be the haters, but alas…



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3 responses to “Mickey Mouse is a bigot hater

  1. jason

    this guys comment aftert the article sums it up perfectly:”she’s making an issue of this because she’s trying to advance Islamic “religious” beliefs, sharia law, over Disney’s regulations by using our own laws against them. Like Progressives, they advance their agenda with “baby” steps, until they’re the ones dictating the lockstep. That’s how dawa works. In case you don’t know, dawa is what “moderate” Muslims do as their part in jihad, if they’re not fighters.”

    hundreds of examples of this practice are evident, and “progressives”, “marxists”, “socialists” are all pulling this shit, the most prominent example being the ground zero mosque

  2. betsyboss

    You know I put this one up for you and the Mrs.

  3. Gretchen

    At the end of the day, the fact remains that Disney is a private company. Maybe she’d have a case if she were a GM worker (BA-dunk-CHING). If they want to uphold a certain image, they can do so. This is akin to that ridiculous story where some dude sued Hooters because he wanted to be hired as a waiter and they denied him because he was a guy.

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