“In all due respect, that just feels strange to me…”

That’s Matt Lauer’s response to Obama’s admission that he has not spoken to BP CEO, Tony Hayward to date since the oil spill began almost two months ago.  Uhhhh. Yeah,  Me too, Matt.  In short, Obama explains his non-communication with Hayward like this: “Well, CEOs only lie so there’s really no point.”

Let that sink in a moment.







Sick.  So basically Obama is willing to gamble the resolution of this tragic disaster by taking a hands-off approach with the only other man on the planet besides himself responsible to make sure this leak stops because of his deep-rooted hatred for capitalists?  Wow.  You need to click the link below to hear the sick and confused contradictions.  One breath he says he trusts BP to get this done because “they have an incentive to shut this down because it’s going to cost them,” then in the very next breath he ultimately admits that he doesn’t trust them.  Sounds a lot like voting present to me.

Click for video: Obama can’t explain why he hasn’t talked to BP CEO


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One response to ““In all due respect, that just feels strange to me…”

  1. Gretchen

    “Strange?” Really? I’m not sure who is the bigger dumbass here…

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