“Experience Matters” or “Narcissist Community Organizers Make Shitty Presidents”


Spill reveals Obama’s lack of executive experience.

Some of us who live in the obvious tried to point the necessity of executive experience years ago during the presidential campaign, but the kool-aid was flowing and folks wanted to see in Obama what wasn’t and isn’t there: competent experience.   Obama is a theorist.  He’s never been in charge of anything, and America knew it and elected him anyway, so why blame him now that he cannot manage this crisis the way you’d like?  Well, some of us can blame him, but we’re sure as hell going to blame you too.  It’s his glaring inexperience that has reduced Obama to follow the advice of a second-rate, has-been artist.  The result is an embarrassment. What Spike and most of America still neglect to consider is that Obama’s not “cool” or “Nodrama Obama” – HE’S A NARCISSIST.  He can’t show emotion. It’s always about him.  Force him to pretend to be otherwise, and the phony result is even more disturbing THAN THE UNFORTUNATE REALITY. Almost.  But not quite.


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