“The American public has been kept in the dark about this issue…”

Because it is politically advantageous for liberals to paint the US border debate as an issue rooted firmly, if not only in Republican/Conservative racism toward Hispanics, the dangerous reality of soft borders takes a backseat to the liberal agenda, ie. convincing Americans they are disenfranchised in an effort to secure votes and control behavior.  But what do I know; I’m just a racist fear-monger, after all.

The link here is a must-click, and the attached video is a must-watch:
Video: Martyrs at the border?


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One response to ““The American public has been kept in the dark about this issue…”

  1. jason

    here i go outing myself as a fellow racist and fear monger: from glenn beck, “how is it possible that Americans don’t know that 1 person a day is kidnapped in a city like Phoenix, Arizona? How is that possible?”
    read the entire transcript using this link:http://www.glennbeck.com/content/articles/article/196/21451/

    this too is worth a read as writtem by bill bennett of the claremont institute:
    Final point, why did Arizona pass this law? Last year, as Abby Wisse Schachter put it, “the Border Patrol apprehended 241,453 people and confiscated a record 1.3 million pounds of marijuana — in the Tucson, Ariz., sector alone. Nearly a fifth of all those apprehended already had a U.S. criminal record.”
    There are nearly half a million illegal immigrants in Arizona. According to the Center for Immigration Studies, while illegal immigrants make up 9 percent of the Arizona population, they are responsible for 22 percent of the felonies in Arizona and they constitute 11 percent of the state prison population. Arizona is now the kidnapping capital of the United States, and Phoenix has the second-largest kidnapping problem in the world (second to Mexico City).
    According to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, kidnapping in Arizona increased 402 percent between 2004 and 2008, with almost 70 percent of the kidnapping cases submitted for prosecution involving illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants account for 16.5 percent of those sentenced for violent crimes; 18.5 percent of those sentenced for property crimes; 33.5 percent of those sentenced for the manufacture, sale, or transport of drugs; and 44.4 percent of those sentenced or forgery and fraud in the Phoenix area. And, according to DOJ statistics, three Border Patrol agents are assaulted on the average day at or near the U.S. border. Someone is kidnapped every 35 hours in Phoenix, Ariz. — mostly by agents of alien-smuggling organizations..
    — William J. Bennett is the author of the recently published A Century Turns. He and Seth Leibsohn are fellows of the Claremont Institute.

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