“Kermit Bitchslaps Libtards” or “File Under Awesome”

Perhaps the wisdom of a dollar-store frog puppet can help put the breaks on the reckless knee-jerk sanctimony liberals sport with ignorant pride when responding to the AZ immigration law.  Read the bill.  Done? Good. Now recognize it’s nearly identical to Federal law…and only nearly so in that it’s not as strict.

I don’t even have time to get into the shameful Calderon incident. Disgusting.  And Obama plays right along, talking about how we “aren’t defined by our borders…”  Um, yes we are.  And our borders are both the physical and metaphorical.  Get over it, Barry.   Dennis Miller says it best this way: “On his bad days, President Obama and his administration are ashamed of this country; on his best days he’s embarrassed by it.”  I couldn’t agree more.

Finally, here’s a comment from Jason off another thread that is relevant here:


check out the above link, read pages 22-33, it is the supreme court decision about the legality of questioning illegal aliens, it’s far tougher than the AZ law. Read this decision thoroughly, which is not easy to do, it is written in full blown legalese, but it is understandable. The Federal law already supports this type of questioning, which was approved unanimously by the Supreme Court. For BHO and Holder to question the constitutionality of the AZ law is disingenuous at best, ignorant at worst and 1000% percent typical of the liberal mindset.

God Bless Arizona, the Suns, the Diamondbacks, the Cardinals, the Sun Devils and the Wildcats and every LEGAL citizen of this under siege state!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right on.  Oh, lookie here…

States Gearing Up to Follow Arizona’s Lead on Immigration.

Most Americans Approve of AZ Law

70% of AZ approve of AZ Immigration Law

I guess AZ and our country are all just full RAAAAAAAAAAACISTS!!!!


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One response to ““Kermit Bitchslaps Libtards” or “File Under Awesome”

  1. Brittani

    I saw this video on Bill O’Reilly’s show. I had a good laugh. Then reality set in of how many have not even read a bill they bitch about. I also learned (by reading) that this bill in Arizona is actually less harsh than the federal law, or shall I say what the feds can do if they feel you may be here illegally. SO, if people are pissed about the law down there perhaps they should read the federal law and bitch about that one right after they actually read the state law.

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