Sestak sucks.

The Sestak campaign, meanwhile, said it would welcome support from the White House for the November campaign….Sestak “would be proud to stand with the president and vice president,” Sestak campaign spokesman Jonathan Dworkin told, adding that the candidate spoke to both after winning Tuesday’s primary and harbors no hard feelings….”He wants to be President Obama’s strongest ally in the Senate,” Dworkin said.

Well this didn’t take long.  I’ve been very interested to see when and how Sestak would handle the White House after it not only attempted to bribe him out of running for Congress, but also proceeded to back Specter.   I guess that means we won’t be getting any further details on the bribe either.   Gee, Joe is going to have to rework that political outsider facade he’s painted for himself, because clearly this guy is as at ease with sleaze as they come. He may be able to milk a few more votes by pimping out of his daughter’s brain tumor a little more, so I guess in his eyes it’s a wash.  Gag.

Methinks such a bribe from the White House would not have been poo poo’ed so swiftly under the rug and ignored by mainstream liberal news had Bush been the, uh, benefactor (you know, ’cause Obama only had good intentions with the job offer, of course).  But surely Obama bribing Sestak is Bush fault anyway, so whatevs…

Added: this little gem of a response from Sleestak came in while I was on bullshit hiatus.

“Sure Barry offered me a job, but it’s not Obama’s fault…it’s the Republicans’ fault!”  What a douche.  Seriously, do libs ever own up to anything, or do they just wallow in a continous, whiney blame game?  Every once in awhile my kids will try to work the blame angle with me.  No way.  Own your shit.  They will thank me one day for not allowing them to be candyasses.



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3 responses to “Sestak sucks.

  1. Mr Boss

    You just don’t get it, Betsy. Its about veterans. And Pennsylvania. And my sick kid. And anything more about my repeated unethical (and perhaps criminal) behavior is just politics. Its so simple. How can you not see it?

  2. jason

    liberalism is a mental disorder!!!!! if you don’t think so listen, really listen, to the “answers” given by sestak. He is asked a very direct and simple question, “who in the administration sat down w/ you and offered you a job and what job did they offer you?” his answer is complete and utter nonsense. this guy is such a lame ass, prototypical politician who thinks he is the smartest guy in the room and people can be fooled by sticking to his talking points that the polls dictate. he is so anxious to be an obama lackey it literally makes me sick. he is the kind of man who seeks to europeanize America and create a soft, lazy, over entitled people who depend on government to provide all things to all people all the time, we know he’ll win in philly and pittsburgh but lets hope some common sense prevails and toomey is elected.

  3. betsyboss

    I have no hope in Toomey. He has stated already that he will “stick to the issues” and not bring this up in his campaign against Sestak. WHAT?? Yeah, thanks, because that was such a great strategy for McCain v. Obama. What a favor; thanks McCain. Oh, and to some of us down here on the ground, INTEGRITY IS AN ISSUE.

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