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“Witnessing the heart as it cracks”

I’ve had lots of posts started then sent to the eternal draft bin here about the BP oil disaster and the Obama administration’s reaction to it.  Because I have a relentlessly sarcastic tone, I don’t think I’d do the topic much justice on either side at this point.  This brief post, however, expresses well what I haven’t.  “Witnessing the heart as it cracks.”


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Months later, Sestak and White House finally devise a mutually beneficial lie.

It wasn’t the White House, it was Bubba… and it wasn’t a job, it was volunteer stuff.

Riiiiiiight.  So Sestak is lying now too.  Fine. He’s all yours, Dems.  You must be very, very proud.

Golly, I wonder if Barry and Bill practiced their story yesterday? You’d think liars of this caliber would have come up with this a bit sooner.  Liars and slackers to boot.  Pfft.

And just for old times’ / perspective’s sake:

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This teacher loves this.

Seriously. LOVE this.  Like most union members, teachers are embarrassingly out of touch when it comes to their salaries and benefit contributions compared to that of the private sector.  What makes this even better is that this Rita Wilson’s argument, which vacillates annoyingly and pathetically between that of victim and martyr is SO PERFECTLY TYPICAL of what teachers say all the time about their shitty compensation for the job they ONLY do because they love the kids.  Only thing missing here is that she occasionally has to buy pencils and tissues for her students out of her own, measly, 85K salary.

Christie tells teacher to find a new job if she doesn’t like her pay.

And if that wasn’t enough, Christie throws this cherry on top of the sundae: “Your union said that is the greatest assault on public education in the history of the state,” Christie said. “That’s why the union has no credibility, stupid statements like that.” Hahaha!  Awesome.  As a teacher union member, THANKS, CHRISTIE!

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“The time we have is running short…”

Lots of fooky economic stories this week.  Here are a few that I particularly disliked:

TIME IS RUNNING OUT FOR U.S. TO TACKLE FISCAL WOES. I don’t know about you , but Obama’s guy Volcker sure does sound an awful lot like that fearmongering, eeeeeevil Glenn Beck.  Someone aught to censor them both – they’re dangerous!

IS EUROPE HEADED FOR A MELTDOWN? Good thing we’re all the waaaaaaaaaay over here across the Atlantic!

CHINA TELLS U.S. TO PUT FISCAL HOUSE IN ORDER Choose your own adventure here, but don’t forget to include North Korea.

US MONEY SUPPLY PLUNGES AS OBAMA EYES FRESH STIMULUS Let me take a stab at what this means… Despite historic amounts of money being printed, its circulation is at near-historic lows…right around where we were just before the Depression.   So why is this happening?  Well, spending is down because Americans just aren’t trusting in the rainbows and unicorns promised by Obama and the stimulus, no matter how often this administration tries to imprint in our minds that it saved us from disaster.  Spending is also down because the demonized banks are scared shitless and aren’t lending.  Maybe they’re waiting for a crash and run?  Maybe they’re waiting for 2012?  I don’t know, but it’s not good.  So what’s next? Clearly, Something is coming.  And you can bet your bottom dollar that throwing more Barry Bucks in the fan isn’t going to stop It.

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What “circling the drain” looks like in graph form.

Now would be a great time for one of my liberal friends to explain to me how this liberal dream ends well.  How is this sustainable?  What happens when you run out of other-people’s money? Not if, when.

Waiting for an answer.



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“The American public has been kept in the dark about this issue…”

Because it is politically advantageous for liberals to paint the US border debate as an issue rooted firmly, if not only in Republican/Conservative racism toward Hispanics, the dangerous reality of soft borders takes a backseat to the liberal agenda, ie. convincing Americans they are disenfranchised in an effort to secure votes and control behavior.  But what do I know; I’m just a racist fear-monger, after all.

The link here is a must-click, and the attached video is a must-watch:
Video: Martyrs at the border?

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Pass the popcorn. White House calls Sestak a liar.

Here’s your chance, Joe.  Considering the fact that an Obama endorsement has been the kiss-of-death in tight races for the past year, you may want to man-up, name names, and show some integrity.

Below from Hotair.  See hotair for link to CNN video, that is, if youre masochistic enough to both see and hear the bullshit of David Axelrod.

Axelrod: No evidence that Sestak is telling the truth

posted at 9:30 am on May 25, 2010 by Ed Morrissey

The White House attempted to push back against allegations that Barack Obama or his staff attempted to bribe Joe Sestak into withdrawing from the Democratic Senate primary by offering him a job, but they may be creating bigger headaches with their defense. Axelrod tells CNN’s John King that there is “no evidence” that the bribe attempt ever happened, even while he acknowledges that it would have been “a serious breach of the law.” In order to believe that there is “no evidence,” though, one has to discount the repeated direct testimony of Sestak himself (via The Daily Caller):

Senior adviser to the president David Axelrod said Monday evening that there is “no evidence” that White House officials tried to keep a Democratic congressman from entering the Pennsylvania Senate race by offering him a high-ranking government job.

“When the allegations were made, they were looked into. And there was no evidence of such a thing,” Axelrod said on CNN’s “John King USA.”

Axelrod acknowledged that if White House officials dangled a job in front of Rep. Joe Sestak’s face to keep him away from challenging incumbent Sen. Arlen Specter, that would “constitute a serious breach of the law.”

Axelrod also acknowledged that there were “conversations” involving White House officials and Sestak, but said that those had been “looked at” by White House lawyers and “their conclusion was that it was perfect — the conversations were perfectly appropriate.”

Witness testimony does qualify as evidence, however, and Sestak has insisted on multiple occasions that the bribe attempt happened. Either Sestak is lying, or Sestak is telling the truth. If it’s the latter, then someone in the Obama administration committed a felony, and perhaps more than one, by Axelrod’s own admission. If it didn’t happen, then Joe Sestak is lying. In order to defend itself, the White House has been put in the position of having to call its party’s nominee for the US Senate a liar.

A Congressional investigation could settle the matter. Not surprisingly, Democrats don’t seem terribly interested in conducting one, although Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) has demanded a probe to discover whether the “most transparent administration in history” tried to illegally manipulate an election. Democrats know that they have no good outcomes from such a probe, but don’t expect such hesitation from Republicans if they take back control of either chamber in the midterms.


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