Protecting our kids and missing the innocent days of Two Live Crew.

Hey, kids.  Despite what PBS wants to teach you, HEALTH INSURANCE IS NOT A RIGHT.  Really.  I’m much more comfortable with my sons being exposed to a bunch of fat ugly dudes talking about how horny they are than I am having them being taught lies.    I can’t wait for the day one of my boys comes home with liberal indoctrination rubbish.  I’ve already warned them to let me know immediately if someone tries to teach them that global warming is their fault.  Yes I did.

Friday, March 26, 2010, 5:57 AM
Jim Hoft

Yes We Can…
The Obama Administration wants to make sure that tomorrow’s leaders are fully indoctrinated into the leftist philosophy of living. Part of that indoctrination now includes lesson plans offered to teachers by the Public Broadcasting Service on how to fully persuade students of their “fundamental right to health care.”

Health Care Overview:

Did you catch that?
Here’s the transcript:

A variety of lessons and activities are provided to help students gain the knowledge and background necessary to engage in a meaningful debate about the following resolution: Health care is a fundamental right; the government has an obligation to secure this right for all Americans. Teachers may opt to complete all the assignments in preparation for the debate, or select those most necessary or interesting to the class. Classes may prepare their debate for submission to the Miller Center Debate Series on health care.

Here’s a look at the health care lesson plan page:

Now PBS makes the indoctrination easy.

Mmm… Mmm… Mmm…

Hat Tip Jason

OK— I had to post this terrific video by IowaHawk.
It pretty well sums up the lefty indoctrination.


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One response to “Protecting our kids and missing the innocent days of Two Live Crew.

  1. jason

    another great use of our tax dollars….combine this BS with the global warming BS with the pro choice BS and with the far left media complete BS and you can see why conservative parents must must must remain ever vigilant to the message their kids get from adults. the anger and frustration brought on by these obama socialist “educators” fuels my energy to stay informed and, in light of your 2 live crew reference to , “KEEP IT REAL!” with my own kids and extended family….to paraphrase Allen Iverson,(and to keep the hip hop flavor in this comment) “only the strong survive”
    keep bloggin’ aunt shel you are fightin the good fight!!

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