“It’s time for Sestak to name names.”

This dickhead never wrote me back when I confronted him on his lies to my friend, who is fighting stage 4 prostate cancer, regarding the health “reform” bill.  I was so happy to read he is going aid in a cover-up in which someone in the White House has committed a felony!  Buh- bye!!  Joe, I promised you that I would do everything I could to make sure everyone I know knows you are a liar and do not deserve to represent us.  And I don’t lie.

Get ’em, Arlen.  And then we can be rid of both your gross asses:

“There is a specific federal statute, which makes it a bribe to make an offer for a public office,” Specter told NBC’s Andrea Mitchell. “When I was district attorney, if somebody came and told me that, I would say, ‘Well, name names. Name dates. Name places.’ That’s a very serious charge. It’s a big black smear without specification. I’m telling you there is a federal crime, punishable by jail. Anybody who wants to say that ought to back it up. Congressman Sestak has gotten a lot of political mileage out of that. It’s really an attack on the administration.”


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