Example #3,454,909.230984 that Obamacare was never about helping you.

During the hostile government takeover signing ceremony of the medical and health insurance industries, Obama had the balls to utter the following zinger:  “We pushed back on the undue influence of special interests,” Mr. Obama said.  Please.  Really? No, really?  In Barry’s defense “pushed back” could mean just about anything… like, “we sweetened the deal for a few just to shut them up.”  Bottom line, though; this takeover was never about helping you. Hope! Change! is a farce and your O-shaped, rainbow-hued glasses are just embarrassing at this point, Sheeple.  “Obama gives sugar plums to the special interests.”

And as Stupak will personify very, very soon, heaven help those who make a deal with the devil.  It won’t last. Good luck with those sugar plums.

Update:  tugs at the rug already.  Pelosi to Insurance Companies: Watch Out.


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