AP: Obama’s SOTU Lies

obama teleprompter

… but you didn’t need the AP to tell you that, right?  What a mind-blowing SOTU address…mind-blowing in that it wasn’t a state of the union speech at all, but rather an arrogant, cranky, defensive, megalomaniacal “State of Obama” defense/scolding at those who have had the intellectual ineptitude to doubt or disagree with The One.  At his classiest, Barry slanders the Supreme Court, showing both an arrogant disrespect to the bench as well as a significant lack of understanding for their ruling. Ummm, no foreign entities still cannot fund campaigns, Dispshit, but nice trying to malign the supreme court because you know free speech can only hurt you.  Anyone else find Barry’s references to his opposition from not only the Republicans in Congress but also in the vast conservative punditry reeeeally disturbing?  In short, his summation on said opposition is that it’s not his policies they dislike, it’s him.  Wow.  Similarly flabergastilicious was Obama’s hilarious, yet frightening take on the FAILED health insurance reform that was going to be signed in August ’09.  Allow me to translate the O-speak:  “Hey you buncha stupid hicks out there in America. Yeah, health care reform is about as dead as Ted, but that’s not because the policy you all opposed in record volume and numbers was bad.  No, you were all just TOO DUMB to understand it, and that’s where I failed:  I didn’t explain it clearly enough to all you stupid asses, because my massive ego will not allow me to believe that anyone could oppose me and actually understand what I stand for… for I am that I am.  No, my policy and I are perfect… you are all just too stupid, small, and feeble (racist?) to understand just how much good I can do for you.  I will do better next time explaining, children. Because I DO NOT QUIT!..and I’m a megalomaniac. Duh.”

I could go on like that all day.  My friends and I used to correspond in a language called Shannish, where we’d translate any message to each other into the language of Shannon, a mutual acquaintance who also happened to be an illiterate whackjob who abused CAPS and !!!!!!  I wish I had the time to translate the entire SOTU speech into Obamish…what Obama is really saying before his teleprompter translates.  Good times.

Alas, here are some nifty links instead:

AP fact checks

Even more fudged numbers from the stimul-ass. Total jobs added? According to them, 15 in 2009 and 27 in 2010. For $100 million. Am I supposed to cheer for that?”

Excellent blow-by-blow from the Yid

Obama’s Got a Fevah, and the on Rx is More OBAMA!

Just Unpresidential

Obamas Freeze is not cold or fast enough.

Before SOTU, After SOTU

Clear, concise looksie at Barry’s tax points.

More tackiness.  “Like my speech?  Show me the money…”



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3 responses to “AP: Obama’s SOTU Lies

  1. Gretchen

    OMG! The SOTU SHANNISH translation. Awesome. I’m actually sitting through night two because Mickey was at a hockey game last night and thus unable to watch. It’s quite entertaining.

    The thing that continues to strike me as boldly narcissistic is how he says we need to quit being so partisan, yet he gently encourages the democrats (something along the lines of, “remember, people want us here,”) and scolds the republicans like a schoolyard bully. Some leader. Pffft!

    Good to read your thoughts…

  2. Shannon

    OMG YOU GUYSZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please prey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last nite we went to the er with Juan because his erectin lasted longer than 4 hours and he was in sooooooo much pain and they sed he didnt have insurence becuse he is ilegall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I said to the desk lady and I use that term looosely “He needs help, look at him!!!” She laughed a little bit wiht her head turned to the side but i could still see and I got soooo pissed off!!!! I told her right off and all of the poeple in the waiting room they all clapped for me!!!!!!!!!!
    I cant wait for presedent OBAMA to pass the new health care thing so Juan can get help for his problems!!!!!

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