Hey union scumbags: OWN IT!


What country is this?  So unions fought hard for this health care bill, literally beat people up for this legislation, yet they refuse to pay for it?  How does one fight for a cause, but then wants to be exempt from the cause’s consequences?  How does one then sit back in satisfaction knowing that others will suffer for YOUR cause, but you can rest assured that your money and security is safe.  Because I possess integrity and a conscience, I can’t answers these questions… but please do ask your closest union-member pals how Americans are supposed to reconcile this disgrace.   Not that they’ll care.  Scumbags.  If you wanted it, YOU OWN IT.  So who is going to pay the upwards of $60 billion lost to fund the healthcare bill now that unions are exempt?  Just guess.  If Obama had any last shred of integrity he would have tossed those union bosses right out on their asses…even if they do top the list of most visited visitors at the White House.  Sickening.

UPDATE:  well lookie here…That bimbo Palin urges union members to break with union bosses’ corrupt deal. Whatta dumb dummy.


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