Luckily I stopped drinking kool-aid during the Carter years.

None of this surprises me.  I did not drink the kool aid, I did not buy into the immature, naive Hope! and Change! but I do wonder sometimes about those who did.  Are they realizing the Obama reality yet?

Consider this heaping pile of dung Obama sold during the campaign:

Now mix that with a helping of Gibbs’ bullshit served up today: White House avoids CSPAN offer to televise final healthcare talks. And add a dash of Pelosi’s hot crap sandwhich: “There has never been a more open process for any legislation…” ..and what do you get? Not even a conference committee?

Actually, this butchering and whoring of the legislative process makes me even more hopeful that a wise Supreme Court will deem the final law unconstitutional, and right fully so.



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2 responses to “Luckily I stopped drinking kool-aid during the Carter years.

  1. jason

    great post aunt shel, i hope the suckers / liberals who fell for his BS and playing of the race card are waking up, this admins attempt to “alinskyize” this country is so obvious to anyone who is paying attention….keep up the good work and good patriotic Americans like you will derail this express train toward marxism in 2010 and 2012…..

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