“I didn’t realize how powerful the ‘Beer Summit’ was in terms of international race relations.”

I’m too busy this morning to comment much myself on this lunacy, and I will probably be too busy later (going away for the weekend) to find all the great punditry response on this farce and post it here.  You’re just going to have to have your own fun with this.  It shouldn’t be hard at all.  What I have been doing while drinking my tea this morning is not checking to see what the pundits have said so far, but reading the comments from regular people around the world posted under basic news reports Most are from the  UK &Huffingtonpost – MOST are from Huffpo!  NONE are from conservative or libertarian sites.   After almost an hour, I had yet to find a reader who thinks this was legitimate and warranted.  Here’s a sampling of the initial reactions from the America & the world (update: I found 2 positive at Huffpo):

“It is very premature given that the (Nobel Prize) nomination was only 2 weeks into his Presidency and was probably based on his campaign promises to (1) close Guantanimo within a year (2) get out of Iraq (3) solve race relations in the US.”


“As I read (as apparently many other global observers have also) the announcement of the selection of Barack Obama as a 2009 prize recipient with the utmost disbelief. Surely, I thought, this was someone’s misguided attempt at humor. I mean honestly, this person was in his present position for approximately two weeks before the nomination deadline. Exactly what were the accomplishments of that two week period that made him Nobel worthy, more so than others who have been endeavoring similarly in the fields they credit to Obama for many, many years. Even if the selection was to include his single term as a legislator, I still challenge anyone to produce a record worthy of Nobel consideration, let alone a prize. I am familiar with his record, and I submit there is none.

There is another explanation. A very sad one. I believe the Nobel organization has sold, no worse, given away their credibility as an organization and diminished the value of the awards they bestow as another victim of the global cult of personality that swirls around Obama’s politically popular ethnicity.

They have done a tremendous disservice to prior laureates, and others around the world whose legitimate efforts continue to go unrecognized.

The Nobel organization has lost my respect.”


“Embarrassing for all concerned.”


“People should be judged on tangible results, consequences, or efforts not on something for which we have yet to see concrete outcomes.

Whilst I wholy support Obabma’s principles and efforts, I think this is a little premature and could have been awarded to someone like Morgan Tsangari who has faced unthinkable hardship in the quest for peace and equality.”


“First, I voted for Obama. So when I say that the entire United States is waking up this morning to a collective “WTF!” its not because I am in any way “anti-Obama”.

Yes, it looks like he got the Nobel Peace Prize for not being George Bush. Hey, I’m not George Bush, where’s my award?

Best thing he could do is politely decline the prize, humbly pointing out that he has much to accomplish. He gets all the credit and benefit, but shows that he is a realist.

I am interested in what he does.”


“Erm… riiiiiiight ….. 8 months and a peace prize…. while fighting a war.. ordering Drone attacks that lead to civilian deaths and stopping the opening of records into CIA torture probes…. the Nobel Committee must have really run out of ideas.”


“He’s certainly attended a lot of lunches with other leaders. “They made a dessert and they called it peace”.”


“I totally understand how this happened now, after opening my box of Coco Crispies this morning I too was awarded a Nobel Piece Price. Its cool, I think I helped an old lady cross the street sometime in 2008 though it might have been in mid January and I might have had to drag her across.”


“This really could have waited a year or two. He was awarded it because he’s moving the country in the direction the more socialist countrys prefer.
I am really in aw that he received this award without alot to show for it.

“Seems the world is helping transform us into something they want us to be, not us leading the world in spreading democracy.”


“Saturday Night Live was correct that as of yet he hasn’t done a darn thing and certainly nothing worthy of any sort of recognition. This is appalling and embarrassing. It supports the notion that this once worthy prize continues to do to people that have questionable motives or zero to few accomplishments. I can’t believe for a moment that there aren’t many more in the trenches today that are doing life altering work on behalf of mankind. But then that is the problem. The little guy doing the heavy lifting is no longer recognized nor given the spotlight. The media caused this great embarrassment to occur because there was NOBODY else sharing the spotlight. It just proves the media has tremendous power to influence.

BTW, the right was not celebrating the fact that CHICAGO didn’t get the Olympics, although the city of Chicago, the birthplace of my father, sister and extremely important to me, is a city steep in corruption, horrendous school system, awful road system, and really not worthy to host any games. The Daley machine needs to go and that city needs to get busy cleaning itself up. The right objects to many moves this president makes that are not presidential and if a republican had made them the left would be bashing them as well.”


“It’s not the “Nobel Good Intentions” prize…”


“I don’t care for a handful of Europeans trying to tilt events by this prize. The Prez should act in his country’s interest, and whether that means escalating war or not, he should not be influenced by this attempt to run American foreign policy. As for annoying the right wing or showing how bad his predecessor was, that is childish, high schoolish. Problems are not solved by prizes, and America should not be run by these folks over in Europe. If and when Obama does accomplish great things, what are they going to give him then? And if he fails, because, say, the problems are insoluble, this prize will wind up at a garage sale. The whole things reeks of immaturity, rah-rahism, and in general an untoward desire of a prize committee to grab power. I like Obama personally, but give him running room to actually accomplish something. He probably feels embarassed and sheepish right now, and that is not his fault.”


“This is akin to giving a Congressional Medal of Honor to a private who serves in a peacetime army not getting into any trouble and then re-enlisting once he hits his 4 year mark….”


“I didn’t realize how powerful the “Beer Summit” was in terms of international race relations.”

I love that last comment; that and the one about Coco Crispies.  Ok, off to pack, but I will leave you will the song of the day…



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2 responses to ““I didn’t realize how powerful the ‘Beer Summit’ was in terms of international race relations.”

  1. Gretchen

    The best I’ve seen so far: “Where’s Kanye when you need him?” HA!

  2. EF

    [quote]ErikFive: Hey #Obama! Ima let you finnish, but Nelson #Mandela is one of the best #Nobel peace award winners of all time! [/quote]

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