US media is a footing joke.

Libs cry all day long about how vile Fox is, but I am thankful that at least on Fox I can find the other half of an issue, helping to give us some sense of a whole truth.  And if it weren’t for independent media, Obama would be an even bigger sham show than FDR was/is.  Mainstream media is embarrassingly biased in favor of liberals/Dems and are probably the greatest source for the extreme partisanship in this country since the Clinton days.  Stupid shit.

Anyway, here are a couple of very recent posts from Gateway that highlight how “in the tank” MSM is for Barry.  Gross.

Unbelievable Media Lie of the Day– Today’s Bad Obamacare Polling Data Spun As Good News for Obama

A Quinnipiac University poll reported today that Americans oppose Obamacare:

American Voters Oppose Obama Health Care Plan, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; GOP Gets Lowest Grades Since Obama Elected”

So, how does the state-run media report this news?
Bloomberg reported later today–

“Voters Back Obama Over Republicans on Health Care, Poll Finds”

Could the media be any more in the tank for these guys?


Disgusting– State-Run Media Declares “Silent Majority” Wants Nationalized Health Care

Karl Marx would be proud…
The state-run media declared today that the “silent majority” backs the democrat’s plan to nationalize health care.

Currently, only 29% of Americans say it’s more important to give people a government-sponsored non-profit health insurance option than to keep their current plan.
But, facts don’t matter to the agenda driven democrat-media complex.

Here’s the latest AP propaganda piece:

Fired up? Ready to go? You might not know it from the way President Barack Obama’s grass-roots supporters have been largely drowned out in the raucous debate over his health care plan.

Yes, they’re behind him, officials say — volunteering in their communities and contacting lawmakers in Congress. But some Obama organizers are calling their forces a “silent majority,” embracing Republican terminology of long ago. And if the final legislation doesn’t include a government run plan to compete with private insurers, they may be invisible, too.

While opponents of the health care revamp have largely controlled the image war with rowdy town halls and a huge march on Washington last month, Obama supporters have been mobilizing across the country as well, tapping into the unprecedented network his presidential campaign built last year.

“We’re building a long-term organization with leaders in the community who are trained. It was successful in the election and it will be successful again,” says Jeremy Bird, deputy director of Organizing for America.

Funny how this so-called “silent majority” is so often caught astroturfing their support rallies.

More… Sweetness and Light adds, “Obama’s Paid Army = Silent Majority.”


State Run Media Now Using Dem’s Favorite Kids Group to Push Obamacare (Video)

“Obama says everyone needs health coverage in America now.
We need to insure those 47 million but the government doesn’t know how.
I got my bill and think, no way.
And, what about my brother?
He’s hurting and can’t get covered.”

Ron Clark School Kids
Pushing Obamacare on CNN
October 2009

It’s come to this…
The mainstream media is now using a kids school to push Obamacare:

Kids from the Ron Clark Academy are on CNN singing for health care reform set to Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA.” The song mentions “Obama says everyone needs health care now.”

These same kids sang out for “Obama helping the middle class” last year before the 2008 election.

The Ron Clark kids also visited the White House in April.

First lady Michelle Obama, left, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, right, clap to the beat of the performance by students of the Ron Clark Academy of Atlanta, Ga., during the unveiling ceremony of a bust of abolitionist Sojourner Truth in the Emancipation Hall of the U.S. Capitol, Tuesday, April 28, 2009, in Washington. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

UPDATE: Despite the extreme pro-Obama environment at the school at least one of the kids has a grasp of reality.

Stunner… State-Run Media’s Coverage of Unemployment 13 Times More Negative for Reagan Than Obama (Video)

What a shock–
The state-run media pummeled Ronald Reagan over the unemployment rate but is giving Barack Obama a pass for posting similar numbers.

In fact the media’s treatment of Obama is 13 times more positive than it was for Ronald Reagan:

Via The Electric Stove
Also, the state-run media pummeled George W. Bush too even though his unemployment numbers were about half of what they are today under Obama.

The unemployment rate under President Obama reached another record high today at 9.8%.


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  1. Gretchen

    You know, I’m f’ing tired of the whole “silent majority” line. If people are too spineless to take a stand on something important to them, maybe their “silent” views should be just that – silent.

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