This doesn’t look good.

Comparing Employment Recessions (via Calculated Risk)


Now, I have to admit I don’t know much about this source, but generally, numbers don’t lie.  I reeeeally don’t like the screaming difference between this recession and prior post-WWII recessions.  See Calculated Risk for full story.

On a similar note, despite the fact that we have the ever-crazy Biden stating that the porkulus has “surpassed his wildest dreams”  – and I would imagine an insane man’s dreams are freaking wild – and despite and little upwards bump on the stock market, some very unsettling news has been coming from the nerdy economic world… news that my suspicious self finds more trustworthy than Newsweek’s declaration that “the recession is over.”  Read this:  “Real Economy is Dying”, and No V-shaped Recovery.  We have not seen the worst yet.  Watch as the system is OVERWHELMED BY DESIGN.




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2 responses to “This doesn’t look good.

  1. jason

    if you ask a mmm mmm mmm barack hussein obama supporter if they have heard of alinsky and cloward / piven the overwhelming majority HAVE NOT….(meaning they are useful idiots for Democrats)…..those that have understand who bho is why he is dangerous and why his policies are designed to fail and are UNAMERICAN at least and marxist communistic in a worst case scenario…..thanks aunt shel for getting me aggravated again this AM…here is a link to a good article:

  2. betsyboss

    Good link.
    By the way, Josh & I can’t stop saying “mmmm mmm mmmm barack hussein obama” to everything. It’s worse than the Wiggles a few years back.

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