That’s What I’m Talking About…

US Dominates Medical Nobel Prizes

….The astounding success of US medical research should be seen as an indicator of a healthy market that, despite all of its faults, is working.  The US marketplace of insurers and patients willing to pay for procedures and drugs have helped fund research into medicine, and that research is turning out new drugs, and new medical procedures and these new medicines and procedures are helping us live longer lives.

If the liberals get their way and the US is reduced from a competitive market place to a single payer system then one can expect to see the symptoms of a broken marketplace – rationing, shortages and inefficiency. The other symptom of a broken marketplace you should expect is fewer US Nobel Laureates in the field of Medicine.


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2 responses to “That’s What I’m Talking About…

  1. Bridgette

    The US also is a much greater USER of the products produced by our scientists. Take robotic surgery as an example. Performing robotic surgery to treat prostate cancer instead of a more traditional open and laparascopic method shaves nearly a week off of inpatient stay because it’s non-invasive. Yet, the UK’s NHS isn’t keen on it because the materials are cheaper if done the old fashioned way. *Not* using new technology occupies surgeons time (double the surgery time), hospital beds (around a week more), nursing staff time (ditto), keeps these men from going back to work sooner, not sexing up their ladies sooner, etc… That all costs money too. It’s all a trickle down effect of not seeing the big picture of a government run healthcare my friends.

  2. betsyboss

    And here I thought you were just a big set of titties, BK. Nice.

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