And so the UN becomes even more of a joke..

…with the help of The One, of course.  Check out the article, “You Can’t Say That: At the UN Obama Admin Backs Limits of Free Speech.”

“The idea of protecting the human rights “of religions” instead of individuals is a favorite of those countries that do not protect free speech and which use religion–as defined by government–to curtail it.”

“Even the normally feeble European Union tried to salvage the American capitulation by expressing the hope that the resolution might be read a different way. Speaking on behalf of the EU following the resolution’s adoption, French Ambassador Jean-Baptiste Mattéi declared that human rights law does not, and should not, protect religions or belief systems, hence the language on stereotyping only applies to stereotyping of individuals . . . and not of ideologies, religions or abstract values. The EU rejects the concept of defamation of religions.’

And yet again, the French are looking more American than America.  Insane.  Another thought: just whom does this ponderous, pc pandering “protect” anyway?  Radical Islam?  Certainly not any other group.  And quite frankly, inhibited speech does the entire world a disservice.  I mean, isn’t it much easier for all when  dudes like that angry Jew descendant, Ahmadinejad, get up and spew out their crazy hate.  Why squelch it?  Why make anyone’s hate or fears harder to detect?  And why coddle other’s beliefs over another’s.  That is the hilarious, stupid irony of leftist, pc thought.  In the name of “protecting” one group, another’s liberty is inevitably compromised.  I seriously hate this sort of politically-induced phoniness.  In the immortal words of Cheryl Lynn, “it’s got to be real.”aw yeah.

Now go dance.


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