Oh man, this makes me giddy.   I just love when The arrogant narcissist, egomanic, psychopath (take your pick) One gets a hit to the balls.  Damn, I would love to be a fly on the wall of Barry, Michelle, and Oprah’s ridiculous flight home from Denmark.  Seriously, the embarrassing arrogance these self-important shmooos displayed makes Chicago’s rejection in the first round – earning the least amount of votes of any bidding city!- makes this failure sweet. From Michelle & Barry’s self-centered pleas to the IOC…It would mean sooo much to US (not to be confused with the U.S.)…to Oprah’s meaningless presence…to Michelle’s comments about what a sacrifice her trip to Denmark is, this snub is just sweet. Methinks Barry may have trashed this country and its people one time too many – I guess the world’s been listening.

I don’t have the audio/video, but if you can find Katie Couric blathering about the Obama’s “rock-star” power in Denmark and how the bid was “Chicago’s to lose” just moments before Chicago was negged, check it out.  It is rich.  For immediate gratification, check out the stunned faces of Chicago.  Yes, I think it’s funny.  (thanks to RBO for the snap)

CNN can’t believe the world rejects Obama. Yes, this was about Obama.

via Gateway Pundit


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One response to “BHAHAHAHA!! *gasp* BHAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA!

  1. jason

    real presidential comedy not SNL PC BS

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