Whoa. Understatement of the day

The New York Times continues to prove itself a waste of trees:

“More recently, Acorn employees in Washington, Baltimore and Brooklyn were caught on tape giving tax pointers and other advice to conservatives posing as a pimps and prostitutes.”
TAX POINTERS??!!  AND OTHER ADVICE?? Are you kidding me?? Let me clarify for you just a bit, a very teeny tiny bit for what The New York Times considers tax pointers:

  • how a hooker can commit tax evasion
  • falsifying documents so as to acquire a home which will be used as a brothel
  • Said brothel will be stocked with underage, Latin American girls, of whom ACORN recommends the pimp and prostitute should claim as DEPENDENTS.
  • go look for the rest yourself.  This is just one example from one city.  There’s more.  If you don’t know all the sordid details of this scandal, be pissed at your wonderfully liberal media, who is so in the tank for Obama that it wouldn’t even report yet another abuse by his community organizers until… get ready for good news for a change…. the senate voted 83-7 TO CUT OFF FEDERAL FUNDING TO ACORN!  WOOHOO!  Too bad they already got billions from the Porkulus.  Too bad they had already committed nation-wide voter fraud.

And in equally good news, the Census bureau has dropped ACORN from its plan to help conduct the census.  Phew.  The next step: a federal investigation into the entire organization.  Bhahaha. Ok, that was funny.


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One response to “Whoa. Understatement of the day

  1. Gretchen

    What I find particularly amusing is how ACORN seems to be grasping at straws to divert attention. I read somewhere that they have 29 offices in 24 states. So far, we know of 3 offices that took the bait, so to speak. That’s 10.3% of all ACORN offices. It’s my understanding that they didn’t visit all 29 offices, more like 7 or 8, based on ACORN’s own admission. Let’s give ACORN the benefit of the doubt and say that 9 offices were visited. That’d be 33% of sampled offices giving shady advice to equally shady characters. Unbelieveable. What’s more unbelieveably is the lack of MSM coverage and some on the left defending ACORN. Outrageous.

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