“Creeping Sharia.” Yet another reason I feel no shame in my ethnocentrism.

Sharia rocks! Death by stoning now legal in Aceh, Indonesia.

“From the Indonesian province of Aceh—epicenter of the devastating Indian Ocean tsunami five years ago that killed 230,000 people—comes fresh evidence that in the Muslim world, the most common disasters tend to be man-made. On Monday, the provincial parliament stiffened its interpretation of Shariah law by introducing the classical Islamic penalty of stoning to death for adultery. Premarital sex and homosexuality drew a lighter rebuke; for them, the pious lawmakers recommend 100 strokes of a rattan cane.

The news from Aceh, the recipient of billions of dollars in international aid, challenges two widely held beliefs: First, that Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim country, is somehow immune to the blend of puritanical piety and Islamist politics that over the past 35-odd years has disfigured Muslim communities from Morocco to Mindanao. Second, that moderate Muslims—those who interpret their faith in personal rather than political terms—have the will and the intellectual firepower to beat back a well-organized and motivated Islamist minority.”

I wonder what you think about the possibility of Sharia Courts appearing in the US.  Lucky ol’ England’s got them. I’d like to think that Americans would never tolerate it, but then again, the US is one of the largest Muslim nations in the world (jackass), so I guess anything is possible.

By the way, Muslims Press for School Closings in New York City. I say schools don’t close for any religious holidays.  Slippery slope.


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