I’m so bored of being a racist.

Golly, wouldn’t it be nice to know what the “real” Rev. Wright was like?  …the one that married the Obamas , baptized his children, and inspired the title of Barry’s book? …the one that Obama would no sooner disown than he would his typical, white grandmother? Now that man must have been just wonderful, so inspirational and full of love for all.  Poor Barry.

Seriously, can’t anyone disagree with this administration without being called a racist? That was soooo campaign ’08.  Get a new comeback for this health insurance debate, Democrats.  For reals.  How ’bout you just call all us fiscal consevratives a bunch of pussies, ya know, because we’re too skeert to take on another $239 Billion+ in deficits and higher taxes, according to the Congressional Budget Office.  That, at least, is grounded in fact.


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