When Funny Stops Being Funny

I had to stop updating my Green Czar, Van Jones, post below because it’s just not funny anymore.  It’s no longer funny because it’s not being reported; it’s not funny because the man is truly a wackjob with lots of power; it’s especially not funny because the White House’s whiney press secretary, Robert Gibbs, brushed the controversy off yesterday with his typical snide arrogance: “…he continues to work for the administration. ”  The latter two points are what especially de-funny the fun I was having with Van Jones.  If this man still has a job once the Labor Day weekend is over, then the Obama administration is undoubtedly sending a strong, disturbing message to those who are actually listening.  Unfortunately, as it stands now, most Americans aren’t listening and can’t –  according to The Washington Examiner:

“Total words about the Van Jones controversy in the New York Times: 0.
Total words about the Van Jones controversy in the Washington Post: 0.
Total words about the Van Jones controversy on NBC Nightly News: 0.
Total words about the Van Jones controversy on ABC World News: 0.
Total words about the Van Jones controversy on CBS Evening News: 0.

If you were to receive all your news from any one of these outlets, or even all of them together, and you heard about some sort of controversy involving President Obama’s Special Adviser for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, your response would be, “Huh?” If you heard that that adviser, Van Jones, had apologized for a number of remarks and positions in the recent past, your response would be, “What?” And if you were in the Obama White House monitoring the Jones situation, you would be hoping that the news organizations listed above continue to hold the line — otherwise, Jones, who is quite well thought of in Obama circles, would be history.”

Don’t worry, kids.  If you aren’t already digging through the Internet to find the truth about Hopenchange just keep coming here.  I’ll set you straight.

Finally, can you imagine if a Conservative/ Republican/ Libertarian in the White House espoused such hatred toward blacks?  Do you think a small, independent blog like Gateway Pundit would be the leading source of coverage on the matter?  Our mainstream media is a farce.  Unless you’re a liberal, I guess. Then it must be just peachy?  Let me get to it already.  From Gateway Pundit:

Sing It… Van Jones Cut Nasty Hate-Filled Music Album, Too! (Video)

Barack Obama’s wacky communist-Truther Green Czar who hated Bush, whitey and capitalism also spent some time in the music studio. While he was director of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights Van Jones cut a vile CD against whites, the government, Israel, The Man, oil companies, and everything else American.
Van Jones was even featured in the recording! (around the 4:00 mark)
** Verum Serum discovered this and has much more on Van Jones the record producer:

Here are a few of the lines from hate-filled anti-white, anti-American, anti-Israeli recording by Van Jones and the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights:

Various Singers-Poets: The American way, manufactuered by these white folks in office. By these rich men here to mock us. The United States is a stolen land led by right-wing, war hungry, oil thirsty. And when it’s all said and done they still can’t clean their own place because they got people of color playing servant to do that sh*t for them… The true terrorists are made in the US, in this police state… The US is a crack-fiend for oil. And they’re ready to rape, kill, assault, rob anybody and everybody

Bombing babies in the night. Two wrongs don’t make a right… The US needs to exit its colonies in Iraq, in the region and finally in Israel.

Van Jones: At this point. The end of the occupation. The right of return of the Palestinian people. These are critical dividing lines in human rights. We have to be here. No American would put up with an Israeli-style occupation of their hometown for 53 days let alone 54 years. US tax dollars are funding violence against people of color inside the US borders and outside the US borders.

Posted by Gateway Pundit at 9/04/2009 10:17:00 PM
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