For Mr. Boss

…’cause he’s starting to develop a little man-crush on Krauthammer. hahaha!  At least my pundit crush (Dr. Zero) is faceless and anonymous, although I’m sure someone who writes that well must look Joseph Fiennes + 20 pounds.  Sigh.  Oh, speaking Fiennes, watch for Flash Forward on ABC this fall.  I have a knot in my stomach just thinking about it.  Where was I?  Thpppp…Krauthammer.

Anyway, Mr. Boss, this was just posted and I thought you’d likey.  A succinct, restrained look at Obama’s return to mortality.  Let’s hope K’s right, but as usual, I’m not confident in my peers that voted for Barry.  Most were caught up in the celebrity and rhetoric of Obama, and when one is taken in by such trivial crap and then proven foolish, well, that’s just hard to admit.  It’s much easier to continue the mythical farce rather than reject a fiction they helped write.  Ted Kennedy is the embodiment of this unfortunate phenomena.  Ding dong…

Obama, The Mortal


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