Is this what you voted for? v. 8,659.9245 (Updated a gazillion times!)

During the debates, Obama attempted to make up for the fact that he had absolutely no executive experience by asking voters to judge him based on his advisers (but NOT his spiritual adviser of 20+ years, kids.  Do NOT do that.).  I’m proud to say I didn’t fall for that experience-by-proxyish approach to governance, but a lot of you did.  In all fairness to Barry, I’m going to start following his advice today:

Here we have Obama’s “Special Advisor for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation at the White House Council on Environmental Quality” or as he’s affectionately known, Green Czar, Van Jones.  I short, my tax dollars pay this asshole’s salary. Lovely:

Well, Van, since you asked, Capitalism is working out just fine, especially when you compare it to the socialism of the past 8 months:

1.5 trillion

But who can blame Van for his anti-capitalist spew: government workers’ payday is much better than yours, Suckas. (from Cato)

federal pay

Fo shizzle, Obama and his thugs, I mean, advisers are the embodiment of Hope!  Change!  at least how I’ve always perceived it.  But what do I know?  Although I currently do not fit into the asinine confines of any political party, I did vote republican in this past  election… so, I guess Van Jones is right. I be an assho!

Well look at that, folks.  Betcha feel as warm and fuzzy as you did at the inaugural orgy.   Seriously, no hard feelings.  After all, I’m just another whitey pushing poison into black communities.  Or something.

Updated Link:  Stupid Van is an uber eco-racial-revolutionary. Big dummy loves himself too much to shut up and stop revealing the tactics.  I love the word tactics.  It’s fun to say out loud.

UPDATE #2:  Dude.  This guy is the gift that keeps on giving.  VAN JONES THINKS BUSH ADMIN BEHIND 9/11. See, this is the problem (or perk, if you’re Obama) with Czars: There’s no vetting, just a huge acquisition of undisputed power.  Color me jaded, but somehow I don’t believe any of this is a secret to Obomb.  He’s probably bummed the dude isn’t as slick as he, though.  Aw.

UPDATE #3: Seriously, this guy is becoming work. GREEN JOBS CZAR IS A COP KILLER SUPPORTER

So again, is this what you voted for?  Is this the change you had in mind?  TIME after TIME after TIME after TIME after TIME after TIME after TIME we are expected not to judge Obama by his associations.  Oh wait, or are we?  Damn, I just can’t keep up.  Sorry.


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