Achtung, baby!

I don’t know if anyone will ever read this blog but me, and I really don’t care.  This outlet is for me.  For now, I need it.  Every day as I read the news, seriously, every day, I feel as if my head is going to explode from the rapid, incessant, outrageous intake of bullshit.  It’s exhausting.  Yet I can’t stop.  Despite how much I drink or play on Facebook, I can’t ignore reading about how completely dangerous our government is becoming, and more importantly and specifically, the huge cost to me, my family, my boys.  Especially my boys! To those of you  who are as outraged as I, feel free to vent.  To those of you who voted this piece-of-shit into office: I’d appreciate an explanation to anything that’s going on, to anything I post; on why it’s a good idea to completely remake this country opposite of its basic, founding principles.  So please, if you are reading and if you do disagree: enlighten me.  Argue with me. Color me clueless wherever you can.  Ironically, any topics I discuss here are those in which I wish I were wrong and would love to be proven so.  Just do me a favor and talk in facts and spare me the vague, idealistic rhetoric that’s already done so much damage.


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  1. Teresa Q


    While our country is currently in a state of crisis, all Obama is interested in doing is campaign, we need a president to lead our nation not lead his re-election.

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